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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  July 22, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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thrive. someone invested roads and bridges. if you've got a business you didn't build that. someone else made that happen. >> and mr. obama words getting attention of job makers and critics. and there is a campaign with one of the call ins where journalists are able to call and listen to what they want to present. on this call there is four small business people including an african american woman that said she was outraged at the suggestion she needed the government's help. the first question from the first journalist able to ask is release your tax returns so they don't get off this line like a dog grabbing your ankle. they won't let go. >> we'll talk about the tax returns in just a moment. and there is conserve tiff
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media watch dog group. >> counting number of hours for the newscast. mentioned and talking about the comments that the president made. >> and then, it took another 24 hours to talk about this. is that biased? it's actually biased. i do believe america is made not just of individual innovations but together working together. and there is looking for conservatives and there is some liberals reacting on blogs did but main stream media did ignore the story. >> and there is mitt romney saying corps raigs are people. media pounces on that. there is a lag time. and once they did start to talk about it, they talk about it too much. >> i think what they did is took their last part of the
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president's remarks which is that you didn't do this alobe. therefore, it led some people to conclude that obama was a socialist which of course is ridiculous. and it's pointed out the conflation of what he said, editing made it seem like something he hasn't said. i don't see what extraordinary about it. hillary clinton said it takes a village. most people understand. >> she got in a lot of trouble for that. >> that is a democratic position. this call as tension to a basic divide between republicans and democrats in this election. i think it's fair. >> and this is calling afengs whether he wanted to or not, merit based system, is back to 1815 describing the system of industrial development for america is a phrase you can look up, it's a school of
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thought. i'm in the sure the president thought about talking about it correctly. and if this internet, for example. because the white house didn't see knit that context, critics didn't either. and there is if it went viral and so on, and there are days before nbc news and the obama administration realized there is a virus or a lit under them. >> the tax issue. people are clamoring. the media after mitt romney. we want to see more of your taxes. is this a media driven story? >> i think it's media driven story and there is some appetite for it. there is a problem for conservatives is where was the effort on behalf of the media to get the college records of president obama and tell bus
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his background? media latches on to democratic talking points and this is not an issue going to go away if he releases them. ann romney said this week if we release other taxes all media are going to do and democrats is how rich we are. we know that. >> and what matters is i do think the media is taking that up. >> and nancy pelosi talks about this on thursday and when i'm running for president i'll release it and this isn't important. that was not picked up. >> it didn't matter about the college records which are early 80s, why does it matter to the main stream media about mitt rom niece high school from mid 60s? >> this is media talking about it for weeks.
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>> and there is a lot of conservatives have come out and told mitt romney he should just release it absolutely. national youth saying it was unsustainable. i feel outrage is on the part of conservatives saying look. we know he's rich but what worries sus unwillingness for him to cooperate and release records and is this the way he's going to govern? >> quickly. >> and economy is what matters most. there is every time have you three months of planning you have a recession and might explain why this poll has romney up by a point. coming up next, george zimmerman. >> soon, overwhelming majority of media. >> george zimmerman gives an interview to fox news and
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george there is media, special interests and there is people want to make about this case you can read articles it's a white guy killed an unarmed black youth holding exitels and what do you say to that? >> and again... i appreciate you not rushing to judgment. people assume i was white because of my last name. my father is caucasian, my
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mother is hispanic which is my second language. my grandmother and mother raised me. my dad was in the army. i consider myself american, and a hispanic american. i don't think it's fair they rush to judgment to assume that. >> and do you feel the media rush to judgment? >> this interview accused killer george zimmerman talks about details of the day he shot trayvon martin in florida and major props to shaen sean for getting the interview and where you surprised his lawyer allowed him to answer those questions? >> you bet. i think it's a dangerous thing to do and sean hannity brought him out and serious questions
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about wlrpt he regretted anything about that night. the death being part of god's plan. this is in terms of public relations this will not play well for mr. zimmerman. >> had is a story that didn't get a lot after tension. and it went viral and immediately there is a plan against george zimmerman. people coming down negatively. has that changed at all? >> i think that first you're right. when the news hit as it were, and this became a story. there is obviously billed a white racist and probably a tea partier z since then, when the more details have come out about trayvon martin. the suggestion skimmerman was badly banged up. and the media, i think i disagree. i think zimmerman had no
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choice but to get out there f its legally risky he's got to get unconvicted. >> that interview has been admitted as evidence in this trial. and what one of the things he said is that he had no regrets. >> he talks about god's plan. i have to say both abc news and fox did a balanced view of what he said and what the martin family said. it was very balanced. i was impressed with the news organizations forgiving a balanced connection to that interview. >> zimmerman wants an apology from a lot of people in the media who have already convicted him of murder. including al sharpton. mentioned spike lee. and is he right to want allege aupon?
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he anded media means never having to say you're sorry. no. he's never going to get an apology. but this is risky. in these cases you go on to try to solidify your position in the minds of the phone shall jurors and public. he did this. and it's a dangerous thing, it's a high wire act. we'll only know after the trial. >> there are legal experts saying the case against him not real thing there. is a good possibility he's going to be acquitted. in that trial. what happens? what kind of a media treatment should he expect? >> i think you'll see that this is dweshed scholar says the prosecution is ridiculous if there is news there that will get more coverage. and i think zimmerman
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should -- i don't thinked immediatar helping at all to continue. >> if he is acquitted are we looking at violence on the streets of florida fla? because of the way he's been for trayed?. >> yes. i think there is a possibility. that is why i think people like al sharpton should be careful about what they say. there is an ayupgs people are innocent until proven guilty. this didn't happen in this case. i am interested in the aftermath. >> if you see something you can e mail us and coming up next, politicians attempting to control their message in the media.
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>> a "new york times" reporters reveals a secret are you surprised?. >> noticed about a week ago. >> and there is a answers next on news watch. úúxx
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on monday the "new york times" publishing a story about how politicians and their advisors are approving their quotes before they can be published. mr. meet peters writes quote approval is a standard practice for the obama campaign and viewed by many strategists and in the white house almost anyone other than spokesman paid to be quoted and sometimes it applies to them. also common place throughout washington and on the campaign
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trail. go goes on its difficult to find a news outlet and organizations like bloomberg, the washington post, "vanity fair" and "new york times" consented to interviews under such terms, judy, used to work at north "new york times", have you ever heard of a policy on giving an official a chance to edit their quotes? >> what i have heard of is reading back a quote to someone to see if it's accurate. and this is... when this is out and it wrong, it ricochets around the world. if it's wrong it's hard to walk back. so... it's very hard to have a general rule applying to everybody and everything. i haven't heard of this. this is a new policy. i to think we need to ask what happens? >> and what changed between
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judy and the "new york times"? in 2007 and today? oh. president obama got elected. okay. okay. >> i don't think that has anything, i mean, it's being done by both sides. let's be honest here, what i think a lot of the news organizations are now is that ap will not allow that to happen and has been one of the news organization that's suggests we don't play that game. >> and peter says manipulation is gone from the kinds of questions and we discussed this sometime ago with hillary clinton as first lady going on the today show. turned out her people said, okay, she's going to come on but don't ask this, this, this. and there is a way around this. and there is so, you have the quotes and know what it is. reporter going to be accurate. >> this is a statement don't
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read the paper. >> i don't think the obama administration owes any reporter anything in terms of an interview. however, if you need it proof there is a footsy being played between big major media outlets, then they, too. this is it this, is proof they're playing a game. >> did you go to you tube for your news? there is a survey out saying you tube is a big source of news for people all over the world because you can trust it. >> i don't know if it's a trusted source. people like unrefined and unfiltered news and you tube does provide that in terms of a full interview. and there is -- come on. it's not the news. >> it's not the news but a
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picture of what's happening at the time. >> romney had his piece i went and i counted myself to the boos. that is a resource. not the whole story. it's a raw footage. it's -- going to be become more popular? >> as people distrust the media and another survey major networks are trusted less people want to get information that isn't filtered. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch...from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps.
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>> we have lots to do, get busy. >> thank you for coming out. >> and 1955 art linkletter and then actor ronald reagan playing opening coverage for opening day at disneyland. he said he was a good talker. and the coverage and event ground breaking on a number of fronts. >> this next hour and a half is going to be a delight. i feel like santa claus with a
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$17 million bundle of gift packages wrapped in whimsy and sent your way with the help of 29 cameras. dozens of crews and miles and miles of cable. now, of course this is not so much a show as a special event. rehearsal went about the way you'd expect a rehearsal to go if covering three volcanoes erupting at the same time. you didn't expect any of them. first adventureland. yes. a visit to remote reej yinz of the world. there is tomorrowland. and 1986 there. the place is a city of the future, or a trip to the moon is an every day thing. there is frontier land. that is a advise writ to america's historic past. there is davie crockett there. a ledge dare yeah land, made real. fantasy land? well this is the theme symbol of the whole disneyland. the thing nearest to walt disney's heart. >> and fine commercials for
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disneyland in 1955. a rap on "fox news watch". thanks for watching. >>. >> gregg: exclusive information on the suspect movie theater massacre. they are learning that james holmes applied for membership at a gun club and telling the staff they said i'm not sure about this guy. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> arthel: also today the university of colorado is looking into whether holmes took advantage of his position as a graduate student to order materials for potentially deadly booby traps. they describe the search for evidence. >> we wanted the evidence inside that apartment. we had taken custody of the
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computer. potential we might get evidence out of that computer is very important. every ounce of evidence will help us hold this person accountable. was very high priority and i'm so grateful we had the bomb professionals from the feds and local agencies to help us do that. >> gregg: ascam live in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: we are learning new information about the suspect. we got a chance to get upright about ten feet of the building itself. it's the last building people are not allowed back in. authorities are going in and out. they say the investigation completed but at the same time they have cleanup and dangerous materials they say in fact. potentially materials that might contaminate people in the area. they want to get that cleaned up and secure the apartment. glass is still broken out. so until that is done people will not be allowed back in


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